Hippie Raid

Hippie Raid

The party woke up without a trace of their memory in a warehouse on piles of deactivated robots, and metal parts.
As soon as their sound card activates, a robot named XYL-01 orderes them to turn themselves off.

XYL-01 is a serial number given him by the “fat cats” at Big Shot, by that he meant the Government.

After arguing for a while, XYL-01 hears a buzzing sound,
and asks the party if they’d help him with getting rid of the thieves in the West wing of the warehouse.
Eager to get out of this predicament, the rusty robots agree, and now are on their way to bash some hippie heads.

One of the robots asked how and when they got here. XYL-01 responds that the junk comes down from up there- as he put it.
But some robots lie here for years.

Judging by the state the robots are in though, XYL-01 estimates that they were here for a year, maybe less.

XYL-01 also mentiones, that the robots that are robbing him are Stragglers, you’re not sure what does that mean.

On the way to your goal, you get lost in the web of pipes, and you meet a small maintnance robot stuck on the ‘ceiling’ of the pipe.

Apparently a menace named Big Bones roams around the Pipes, clogging the valves and destroying the robots that stand in his way.

Apparently, the way to the West warehouse is shut. To open the gate leading to your destination,
you’ll need to turn four smaller valves in the Pipes at the same time.

This will unlock the safety mechanism, and will allow you to lift the metal gate that stands between you and your goal.


give us a better map! some of us want one in braille :P

Hippie Raid

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